My involvement with woodworking and carpentry has started while I lived in sunny California for 10 years during the 80’s. I started as carpenters helper building boat docks, later I advanced into repairs of wooden boats and yachts. When I got my General Contractor License I did a lot of remodeling jobs but my favorite always was deck and patio builds.

I did a lot of rough carpentry but inspired by my favorite programs on PBS like “New Yankee Workshop”, “This Old House” and “The Woodwright’s Shop”, I’ve always dreamed of advancing into finish carpentry and furniture making.

Much later in my life one picture of an artist and his piece
has changed my life.

The artist was Sam Maloof and the piece of art was his famous Low-back chair. That was how I discovered Sam Maloof. He becomes my greatest hero not only as a master craftsman but also as a great person and a role model. In one of his late in life interviews he was asked about retiring and he answered: “…that people wait until retirement to start doing what they really like and according to this definition I retired at the age of 30…”

Path of my life was not always straight and narrow but finally led me to here and now. Now is the time change thinking into doing and follow the footsteps of my idol Sam Maloof. It is time to follow my dream and do what always fascinated me, goal is to “retire” at the age of 53.

Let’s do some project together!