Bryniak Woodworking

Husband   •   Father   •   Woodworker

“I want to be able to work a piece of wood into an object that contributes something beautiful and useful to everyday life. And I want to do this for an individual that I can come to know as a Friend.”

Sam Maloof


There are only 29 steps from home to workshop. Early in the morning when I walk through the doorway of workshop, I am entering my kingdom of internal peace and surrounding full of noise and hazards. Calm, concentrated and mindful, I begin to work with a piece of wood employing all my attention, skills and patience in creating something beautiful and useful and now and again something completely useless. My workshop is a time capsule because while I work hours slip by unnoticed and I have to stop myself so that I have enough energy left in me to be a good husband and dad.


Dedication & quality

A useful and beautiful object made out of solid wood that is nicely warm to the touch, and diligently finished introduces into our surroundings a small fraction of The Beauty of Nature. To every object that I am working on in my time capsule I give something that is the most precious to me – my time. Beautiful family heirlooms are born from passion and time.